Email Marketing

Managed Email Marketing Strategy

Looking for Managed Email Marketing for you business ? You have landed to the right page.

Why choose us as your outsourced email partner ?
  • Our email strategy brings greater brand awareness

  • We personalize and customize to your email for your brand

  • Help generate custom segmentation to your existing list.

  • Industry leading tools to promote your email subscription.

  • Emails can help generate sales more page impressions

  • Personalized campaigns on social media to gain opt-in

  • Create dynamic content to trigger (A/B) split-testing

  • Effective desings and data quality to build your email list

Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

We are aware of common struggles of email marketing. We keep it simple, and involve you throughout the process.

Email Marketing Strategy

Our team of email campaign professionals are here to help you in develop and manage all aspects of your email strategy.

Email Template Design

Once subscribed, our email creative team can create custom email templates, with provided content and images.

Campaign Tracking & Reporting

We manage all facets of your email campaigns, help track real-time reporting and generate reports using industry leading tools.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our managed solutions includes Personalisation, Mobile optimisation, Segmentation, Automated emails and Campaign optimisation